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     Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan

Pakistani Government, International and national organizations have been claiming for a long time that they are actively working on poverty alleviation issues.  How far they are successful in achieving the target can be assesses by viewing the following pictures. The fact is none of the poverty alleviation partners are interested in to eliminate poverty from the country. These highly educated and smart power holders could only plan useless programs which do not improve life of poor. International donor organizations only support NGOs of influential and rich people, who just spend peanuts on poor and rest of money put in their own pockets through white collar crime. These international organizations know very well what is happening with their aid and want it in this way so they can complete their hidden agenda instead of helping poor.

It is not so difficult to introduce programs that reduce poverty and improve quality of life of poor. One way to reduce poverty is to launch businesses make these poor people share-holders and working employees in the business and you will see the results in a few years.

poor living in open area

Poverty in Pakistan

Garbage and poor

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